Dec 18, 2014

December Update 2

All shirt orders have been mailed out, thanks to everyone that ordered. All remaining orders will be sent out by next week. CN titles and shirts will arrive at Iron Bonehead headquarters in Germany in the coming weeks.
Any questions regarding the status of orders can be sent here:

Dec 3, 2014

December Update 2014

CN/Arizmenda shirts ship next week, hails to everyone that ordered !!!

Crepusculo Negro titles available now at Nuclear Waste underground store in Tijuana, Mexico.
Tapes $4, comps $8.

Nuclear Waste
Calle 3ra #8227 Zona Centro
Tijuana, Baja California
+52 664 685 8178

Release ritual for new Volahn and Arizmenda albums at La Prision Bar in Tijuana Mexico mid January 2015. Flyer up next week.
La Prision Bar - Tijuana, Mexico

CN-30/CN-31 in final stages of recording/production, preview tracks up in the coming weeks. paintings will be handled once again from our exclusive artist Aron Briggs of Long Beach, CA. Mixing/Mastering will be done again by Arthur Rizk at Solomon's Gate. New Volahn and Arizmenda hoodys up for sale next week once all current orders have been shipped. Organizing release dates for new Volahn and Arizmenda albums, interested promoters get in touch. Dates so far include Tijuana, Mexico, Los Angeles. Were looking to book in New York/Canada/Mexico City, interested promoters please get in touch here:

Hails to Iconoclast Contra, summoning with them in L.A. and Oakland was pure ritualistic fury!
Hails to everyone that helped organize and to all BTC fanatics in LA/Oakland for supporting us !!!